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New Persona Q Details in This Week’s Famitsu

I’m not going to bother scanlating the new Persona Q article that’s in circulation online like I have the Hashino interview and Persona 4 Dancing All Night Dengeki preview since there isn’t a whole lot of new information, but since there is a little, here’s a brief summary of what I read in Japanese:

  • It’s true, the other Persona 3 and 4 party members can now use alternate Personas. They’re referred to in the magazine as “Sub-Personas;” whether that’s just a means of differentiating the other Personas from their main ones or there’s something more to it isn’t stated. Apparently in the story they gain this power somehow by way of the two protagonists meeting each other. Details are scarce beyond it having something to do with their Wild Card power allowing it to happen.
  • Boost meter is built up by exploiting enemy weaknesses. Characters who manage to enter a Boosted state can on their next turn use their skills for free and, if I’m reading it right, jump ahead in line in terms of attack priority. The terminology is a bit vague.
  • Follow-up attacks that are performed when another character has taken their turn and All-Out Attacks have a higher chance of triggering as more and more characters enter a Boosted state.
  • Party chatter between members can change depending on who’s fighting with you. It’s not clear if this is just for battles or if it can include conversations outside of fights, too.

In my experience, Famitsu previews tend to just parrot back to the readers any press releases and other PR that the magazine is handed, so that’s about as good as it’s going to get for now. It’s a pretty vague article all around, so you all now know about as much as I do. Still, hopefully that gives you all a few new morsels to ponder until the game comes out!

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